måndag 25 januari 2016

San Miguel De Allende

I love being here in san miguel. It really feels like my second home. I am staying at my friends house in the middle of town and they have a nice roof that i can sunbathe on, a lovely garden/patio where we drink wine, play Uno, have coffee in the morning and watching the fireworks at night. It is really warm during the days and chilly at night time. Perfect combo.

My friends Kajsa and Anders have just opened a new restaurant with great live music. It´s called Mi casa. They have the restaurant Tapas from before and soon they will have their third restaurant Los Meatballs. Yay for them.

All the houses are are very beautiful here.

Always a fiesta.

View from hotel Rosewood one of the fanciest hotels here.

On my roof watching the military parade. What a great spot to be at. Front row.

They even had chefs and waiters walking in it :).

With my buddies Elvis and Sigge at Kajsa and Anders house after a two hour walk.

And i am back at a new silver school and I was so happy to meet my favourite stone cutter guy Juan again and getting some new great stones.

India took me to Ballet class. That was a fun experience and I will go back next week. I felt like an elephant but the day after I was sore all over soooo.. its a great workout. 


So we went on a three hour drive to a small town called san Juan de los lagos . This week pilgrims from all over walk for ten days or more to get to a special church. 
When we drove we passed thousands of people walking on the road with too much clothes on in the heat. They even sold horrible crocs everywhere on the street for everybody who got blisters on their feet. Nice People were giving away bottles of water and fruit on the way. I felt like a cheater riding in a nice car with food and air con. They are heroes those Pilgrims.

This is the special church.

People were sleeping everywhere. No wonder.

So people leave things on this wall to pray for someone or say thank you. People even left their bikes there they biked on for days to get there. It was amazing to look at.

It was thousands of people in the church so we hid in the corner.


And then of course I met some puppies. A san miguel holiday is not complete without that. So this is Cinnamon, Buster, Wilbur, Latte, Panda and Ginger. Six pitbull puppies that my new friend Poppy is looking after until they find a home. Someone just left them in a bag outside the rescue center. How can they? I don't understand :(


Xo Bella

onsdag 13 januari 2016

Mexico 2016 first week


My first day in Cancun I ended up at the hotel zone area. All all inclusive hotels for two (swedish) miles. So this nice American couple gave me a sunbed and food and drinks all day at their all-inclusive :). Lucky me. Thank you Bob and Linda.

 This is just a crazy avocado

They celebrate Three Kings day here and in the morning the kids gets presents  and at night they eat this sweet bread with fruit and drink hot chocolate. In the bread is a hidden plastic baby jesus and whoever gets it has to give a part in the beginning of feb. and by Tamales for everyone. The family I stayed with invited me to eat it with them :)

Before ever meal you get nachos and salsas

 Typical breakfast. Chile aquiles. Nachos with green salsa, eggs, cheese and beans. Yummy


 Crazy busride in cancun with super loud music. 

 La isla harbour and shopping center in Cancun

 Another typical breakfast. Omelette, refried beans, weird cappuccino, green juice, and nachos.

 Watch out, danger is lurking in the swamps

Playa del Carmen

 See the little head between the branches?

 I made breakfast Mexi style.

 Nice quiet beach in Playa Car

 Mayan ruins in the jungle on the way to the beach

 A night out with Christer, Robert and Ema in playa del carmen

 Serving margaritas on his head

 The next morning at the beach. My own little hut.

 I stumbled in to this cool band that was playing rock music on violins and other things. Vina Hell is their name. They all looked like Magnus Uggla

 Mexico city

 Dinner at Sylvestre. Mexican Grill

A really nice long lunch with great people at Havre 77 in Zona Rosa

Now I'm off to San miguel de allende. A three and a half hour bus ride.

/Xo Bella

tisdag 1 december 2015


Har spenderat helgen i Göteborg hos mina vänner Charlotte o Freddie. Det har varit supermysigt förutom hagelstorm och öööösregn. Det var inflyttningsfest, härlig brunch, bio och luncha på stan. Men det bästa nästan var att jag lyckades fota lite bra bilder för mina Pick me halsband med Charlotte som bästa modellen för dom. Passade så bra. Lyckades även fånga mig på lite bilder. Här kommer ett litet smakprov:)